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how to put tablet into tablet mode in windows ten

Watch video But what about Tablet Mode, be it a Windows app or desktop software, into full-screen mode. Arguably, this change is a disadvantage for ... More

how to make a frozen rum runner

Frozen Rum Runner Cocktails. Cocktails . Jump to Recipe. A lot of people get this idea that “food blogging” is so fun (that is, once they google food blogging, because the rest of the world still thinks it’s just a really weird fad, like bronies – which is NWS if you go to google that too, but with instagram). We are all always out at the hottest new restaurant wining and dining our ... More

how to put edge strip on laminated benchtop

And roll it on to both the countertop edge and the strips we cut. And then let the contact cement dry until tacky to touch. Now you get one chance with the contact cement, so we very very carefully set the edge piece on the edge of the countertop, ... More

how to open part files on windows 10

Part 2: How to unzip files in Windows 10 without WinZip Step 1: Right click on the .zip file you want to unzip, and then from the context menu select Extract All . Step 2: In the " Extract Compressed (Zipped) Folders " dialog, select one destination to save the extracted files, keep Show extracted files when complete checked, and then click Extract . ... More

how to order oakley prescription sunglass lenses

For prescription sunglasses, ask your eyecare professional if they carry Oakley Transitions sun lenses or visit to find an Oakley Authorized Prescription Sunglass Dealer near you Look for the authentic Transitions swirl on your Oakley lenses, to ensure youre purchasing the #1 recommended photochromic technology brand in the world ... More

how to stop navitronics app to open my browser

Ever wondered how to change the default browser (the browser that opens when you click a link in an email or try to open an HTML file stored on your computer)? It’s quite easy actually. Most Windows based computer systems come with Internet Explorer set as the default browser. ... More

how to play summertime blues

Summertime, summertime Brought me back to thinking you were mine all those time Laid it down and left it all behind, we were blind Oh, the summertime We could ride, we could ride Take my hand and watch the world go by Laugh o... ... More

how to say websites in roblox

If you want to hack Roblox then don’t worry because online websites will be helpful to you. Visit the website of generator and provide basic information like username on Roblox and robux. Tap on “Generate” button and then it will take a couple of minutes to generate it. ... More

how to open a folder in mac using keyboard

When you find the file or folder you want to open, use the Finder shortcut Command-O or Command-Down Arrow to open it. VoiceOver announces when you have selected an alias or a file or folder you dont have permission to open. ... More

how to make natural tattoo ink

20/03/2014 · All natural tattoo salve for that new tattoo! And if you’d like you can go ahead and add your own labels on your product 😀 And if you’d like you can go … ... More

how to make leather boots stretch

While the Internet offers plenty of methods to stretch leather cowboys, majority of them damage the leather in the process. There is one way, however, that can help you make your feet feel really comfortable in the boots and not do any damage to the leather in the process. ... More

how to play terrorist hunt with friends

16/02/2014 For the uninitiated Terrorist Hunt was a multiplayer mode in Rainbow Six Vegas 1 and 2 that had you and your friends working together to clear a map of 50 or so terrorists. ... More

how to make gradient lines

The gradient of a straight line is the rate at which the line rises (or falls) vertically for every unit across to the right. That is: ... More

how to make heavy whipping cream with almond milk

I also used one cup of unsweetened almond milk and 1/2 a cup of heavy whipping cream. It turned out so thick and creamy. Oh yeah, I also added 6 ice cubes. It turned out so thick and creamy. Oh yeah, I also added 6 ice cubes. ... More

how to make the perfect flank steak

I like to cook mine rare in the thickest part, then slice from both ends into the middle, so that any leftovers can be reheated to a perfect doneness. ... More

how to check which way to put the sim in

Find support and help for the BlackBerry Classic smartphones on the Official BlackBerry demos website. Get interactive BlackBerry Classic instructions here. Get interactive BlackBerry Classic … ... More

how to make white corn flour

2/09/2017 · Honeyville's White Corn Flour is simply corn meal that's been milled even further to a fine flour. Corn flour comes in yellow and white and is generally used in combination with other flours for baked goods. It is milled from the whole kernel, unlike corn starch, which comes from the endosperm of the kernel. White Corn Flour blends well with other food ingredients and reduces gluten strength. ... More

how to make udon soup vegetarian

Feeling sick or cold? Try this warming vegan Chinese Cabbage Udon Soup with Mock Abalone. I wanted to make a simple chinese cabbage udon soup because my boyfriend was feeling sick. ... More

how to make rag paper

Cut out the paper pattern. Take the cloth you are going to use for the body and fold it in half. Pin the paper pattern to the cloth you are going to use for the body. ... More

how to make an event table

I need to create a point/line geometry out of the following input data: a) route : line geometry stored with measure values, including a route id field b) point/line event table without geometry, including a reference on the route id field, a measure value field (point event) / a start and an end measure value field (line event) ... More

how to play breaking bad theme song on guitar

'Breaking Bad' Creator Confirms A Movie Is In The Works if he knows how to play the guitar. Turns out he does - which means Grohl then asks him what songs he knows. Collier replies: "I know a ... More

how to make donuts in tamil

Dint expect that i can make doughnuts like this. But the dough i a bit sticky. But the end product was delicious. Now making diff types of doughnuts.. Can try cream ones, Chocolate.. Base is same for everything. Just slice it like burger buns and apply cream. Hu hu.. VIJI ... More

how to move columns in a table in pages

To move columns, insert the number of blank columns you want to move in your destination spot. Then shift-left-click on the cells (NOT the header column) you want to move. Now you should be able to right-click and select the Cut command. Now, right-click on top of the destination columns and select Paste. Lastly, delete the now empty old columns. ... More

how to run a profitable ebay business

Why Run a Dropshipping Business? 1) You can start anywhere : Dropshipping is a brilliant business opportunity for people who want to earn money sitting at home or as a side hustle. A room, a laptop, and an internet connection - thats all you need to manage everything online. ... More

how to make a ww1 trench model

This tutorial shows an easy way to make trenches for dioramas. This is very useful for war and battle dioramas. Lay out the diorama on paper first so you know where the trenches ... More

how to make icloud backup faster

Usually, the more space your iPhone/iPad/iPod touch has, the faster and smoother it can make the backup. Therefore, the solution is to clean out useless or unneeded data on your iDevice before backing up to iCloud, especially those junk files like caches and cookies. This is also helpful to fix ... More

how to make christmas turkey

Turkey, like chicken, turkey takes on additional flavours when first roasted and then reheated in another dish a day or two later. So take advantage of this miracle of flavour development and put your leftover turkey to good use this christmas in a curry of course! Personally I like to do a chinese style curry sauce and the good news is that it is extremely easy and almost foolproof. So this ... More

how to read messages on your business page without read

View archived messages by scrolling to the bottom of the page and clicking the “Archived” link at the bottom of the page. Scroll through your archived messages, if needed. Scroll through your archived messages, if needed. ... More

how to order jollibee delivery

So this afternoon, I dial up #87000 and place my order. The minimum amount for food delivery is Php200. I asked them if they also cater the PWD discount since Isobelle does have an ID and we use that for Greenwich. ... More

how to make a mirror anti fog

3/09/2008 · This Site Might Help You. RE: Is there anything you can spray on mirrors to make them fog proof? I saw some purple spray stuff at a fair last month … ... More

how to make shadowfiend passive

Create an account [] ajdeemo 4 points 5 points 6 points 3 years ago (11 children) you generally stack the large camp instead of the medium one. it gives more gold, you'll spend 4-5 more seconds at worst, and you avoid any chance of mud golems. it can also stack more times than the medium camp. ... More

how to make pomegranate jelly from fresh pomegranates

See more What others are saying "Pomegranate Jelly - A Gem of a Recipe" "Great video and recipe from Spectacularly delicious. Using fresh pomegranates they show how to turn it into gorgeous garnet red jelly." ... More

how to make croutons with bread slices

Sliced sandwich bread: A bit harder to cut into 1-inch cubes since it's already sliced thin, but works fine in a pinch. (Image credit: Leela Cyd) Get Creative with Seasoning. This is your base recipe for plain and simple, salt-dusted croutons. These can top just about any salad or soup, but don't stop there. Experimenting with pizza croutons, taco croutons, buffalo wing croutons ... More

how to stop make page friendly

Tip #1: Don’t make a separate mobile-friendly website In the past, when we designed websites for the “mobile web,” we would cut out content to fit for mobile use and argue which parts are more suitable for … ... More

how to make milky way in little alchemy

3/07/2017 The orbital period of the solar system around the Milky Way's center is about 230 million years. The vertical period of the solar system--up, then down, then up again--is about 60 million years. ... More

how to make your skin stop crawling

23/08/2007 · But yes, "crawling under your skin' is probalbly the best way to describe it. I have posted a thread to try and get some responses on this. I am also going to visit my doctor soon. I have posted a thread to try and get some responses on this. ... More

how to make turkey dressing from scratch

This is the BEST homemade cornbread dressing ever. I make it with my homemade cast iron buttermilk cornbread , which happens to be the best cornbread ever. In addition to homemade cornbread, this homemade cornbread dressing is filled with fresh herbs and mild Italian turkey … ... More

how to run sims 4 in 64 bit

Solved: I got a new laptop with windows 8 for christmas and I tried to install the sims 3 on the disc and it won't even install. I run autorun and ... More

how to make a pole christmas tree

Step 6: Decorate trees Hang lights in small trees using the pole with the hook on it. Drape the string over the hook, extend it to the tree, and then twist the pole, allowing the string to fall from the hook to the branches. You can make a device by bending a coat hanger into a ... More

how to make an industrial console table

Check out our console tables that will define INDUSTRIAL for you. Made with much detailing – these console tables are a must have for all venues. _____ Made with much detailing – these console tables are a must have for all venues. ... More

how to respond to i love you more

Tell him how you feel for him but that you need to be absolutely sure about your own feelings so that you can whole heartedly mean an ‘I love you too’ when you say it in response to his confession of love for you. ... More

how to make a baby crown

Make a vertical fold in the center of the crown, and then fold the crown in half vertically two or three times. You will have a rectangle two to three inches wide. You will have a … ... More

how to handle a repeat liar 17n year old girl

I hv a 17 year old daughter who hates me and disrespects me every single day now. Tell me off often and has grabbed me and threaten to punch me. My next step now is a visit to the police station ... More

how to make easy garlic aioli

While the potatoes are roasting, make the tomato sauce. Add all of the sauce ingredients to a blender, and blend until smooth. Transfer the mixture to a pan, and place over a medium heat. ... More

how to read bias binding size on pattern

When it comes to binding a quilt, whether the fabric is cut straight grain or on the bias, more modern tutorials seem to agree that the double fold should refer to the folds shown directly above, both the Sew4Home tutorial referenced above and this Craftsy tutorial show even bias binding folded in half in … ... More

how to make a double dreamcatcher

How to Make a Dream-catcher Tutorial & Beautiful DIY Dream-catcher Inspiration Pack for Beginners homesthetics decor by craftypinny. What others are saying "The Peacock Native Stle Woven Dreamcatcher; by eenk on Etsy - love the folors" "The Peacock Native Style Woven Dreamcatcher by eenk on Etsy. This would be great for my teenaged sister! One could get so creative when making dream catchers ... More

how to write something people want to read

Now We Need to Write Something that People Will Read: Examining Youth Choices as Perspectives of Literacy Research. Now we need to write something that people will read. ... More

how to put internet pictures on t-shirts

19/12/2016 · Photos management software such as Google Picasa offers an option to use photos as screen savers. Use photos as screen saver in Windows 10 Luckily, you don’t need to use a third-party tool to set photo(s) as screensaver in Windows 10. ... More

how to make a horse mask out of paper

Link Dwonload Make A Paper Plate Horse Mask ,Read File Make A Paper Plate Horse Mask pdf live , Where I can Download Make A Paper Plate Horse Mask Pdf , MOBI file of Make A Paper Plate Horse Mask , Free Download File Make A Paper Plate Horse Mask ... More

how to burn lower belly fat and love handles

Best Way To Burn Belly Fat And Love Handles Safe Way To Lower Cholesterol Weight Loss Surgery Hartford Ct Best Way To Burn Belly Fat And Love Handles Cholesterol ... More

how to make graphics like faze

19/05/2017 · this video has finally arrived!! This is how to make videos like FaZe RugThis will teach you all of the many steps it takes to make vids like one of the fastest growing YouTubers of today!! And even if you don\'t know who FaZe Rug is, this video will still make you laugh. 100% guaranteed. SO WHAT ... More

how to put a benchtop on a chest of draws

Investing in a tool chest is an important step that allows you to store all your tools in one location. But that’s not all… The next important step you ought to take is learning how to organize your tool chest drawers. ... More

how to prepare for mrcs part a

Advice, guidance and preparation We recommend that all candidates prepare for the examinations by gaining clinical experience in hospital posts involving the care of emergency medical patients, whether adults or children, and by studying up-to-date postgraduate clinical … ... More

how to make siri rap rap god

RapPad is the best place to write and share rap songs online. Battle rap other members online and have people vote for the best. Audio, text, and video supported. ... More

bumblebee figure transform 3 pack how to

28/09/2014 · In my country, this Evolutions pack was priced $5 less than a normal Deluxe, and considering that it came with a bonus Legends figure, MechTech weapon AND the Deluxe Bumblebee mold wasn't even released yet, this is a no-brainer. ... More

how to make a minecraft scematic

Note that wires may be extended to make the diagram look better, or put the I/O block somewhere convenient. Most components and devices are shown as themselves, but with some tweaks to their sprites (to make them more identifiable, and the circuits more comprehensible). ... More

how to make egg with bread

A recipe similar to Moms dish is called hootsla egg bread. I am placing the recipe for you to try. Instead of whole sliced bread like Mom used, it has bread cubes. ... More

learn how to play harmonica youtube

Youtube would be the easiest. There are many videos such as this one that could teach you: Docebo Pages Customize your learning management system. LMS admins can customize learning experiences with drag and drop widgets. No coding skills required ... More

how to make blood amulet of fury

With every passing day, the space inside me for unicorns, frappucinos, and lavender chamomile shrinks, while my capacity for pure, incandescent fury only seems to grow and grow. You know that old ... More

how to make a rainstick with toothpicks

You can even use broken up spaghetti if you don’t have any toothpicks at home. How to Make a Rain Stick. Ingredients: One 16oz empty (and dry) water bottle 1/2 cup rice Half a box of toothpicks. Directions: Pour the rice into the bottle. Feel free to use a funnel to make this easier for the kids to do. Place the toothpicks into the bottle until the bottle is about 2/3 to 3/4 full. Put the ... More

how to make acrylic plugs for ears

Highly visible ear plug dispenser is hard to miss when you mount it in areas that require hearing protection. Convenient, open-front dispenser lets you take ear plugs while you walk by ... More

how to put movie on your ipad with vlc

The easiest way to get files into VLC is by plugging your iPhone into your computer and dragging the files into the app via iTunes. VLC also talks to online storage sites, so you can grab your files from there. Once on your iPhone or iPad, you have a beautifully displayed library to browse. Youll also now be able to browse your library from your Apple Watch. Play a video and youll be ... More

how to make windows child safe strata nsw

Do not rely on fly screens to prevent a child from falling through a window and keep windows locked to a maximum opening of 12.5 cm to keep children safe from falls. For more tips on window safety click here or visit NSW Fair Trading . ... More

how to make custom starcraft sprites

7/04/2012 · Always remember if you put any custom items, you'll need to update your item_db2 or item_db with their desired ID #s. Correct me If I missing guys thanks ! Edited April 7, 2012 by Paulinds ... More

how to put words into dataframes

These smaller dataframes are present on a disk of a single machine, or multiple machines (thus allowing to store datasets of size larger than the memory). Each computation on a Dask dataframe parallelizes operations on the existing pandas dataframes. ... More

how to make chiffon cake without cream of tartar

Sift the flours and cream of tartar into a bowl. Fold half the flour mixture into the egg mixture, then fold in the milk mixture. Fold in the remaining flour mixture, then pour the batter into the prepared pan. Bake for 10-12 minutes until lightly golden and firm to the ... More

how to run profiler in sql server 2008 r2

27/08/2018 · End of support is fast approaching for Windows Server and SQL Server 2008/2008 R2. This is a significant opportunity for our partners to migrate those on-premises workloads to Azure. Now is the ideal time to upgrade, modernize and transform to current versions of SQL Server, Windows Server … ... More

how to make brick conan exiles

We assume that many of you out there have been playing Conan Exiles non-stop and are now way past the novice-stage. Its time to build the formidable Abyss of ... More

how to make gratitude a habit

The challenge is on: Keep the gratitude going Here’s how to make gratitude a lasting habit. ... More

android snapchat how to open filters

Open Snapchat. If you get a blank screen with a popup saying 'Snapchat cannot connect to the camera', keep pressing Cancel until it goes away. Click on the ghost at the top of the screen: ... More

how to run dat file

1/06/2009 · I have a .dat file for a Naomi rom 'the maze of the kings' how do i run this on nulldc 1.03? Do i have to convert it first for it to work? :???: thanks in advance for any help. ... More

how to make purple tattoo ink

Or any flower you find suitable for your original tattoo. For her tattoo, Emily picked out a beautiful variation of pink and dark purple African violets and red carnations. ... More

how to make leaded stained glass

Stained Glass Tips, notes and techniques If you are new to stained glass making I have a whole bunch of really useful tips and tricks for you here. And some guidelines for designing and making them. ... More

how to make corn silage

After install our silage machine, first you should carefully read the instructions, sufficient lubrication in strict accordance with the instructions of the regulations and requirements, and run for 10 minutes, start production after everything is normal. ... More

how to run c program in scite editor

Try to execute from console the same command you get in SciTE and see if it works. You can also search in your [language].properties for the compile commands used. If you have a different compiler or use different arguments, edit the commands to suit your needs. The lines to look for: command.compile.filepattern= command.go.filepattern= ... More

how to make an 8 year old laugh

Psychologists say that humor plays a great role in choosing your soul mate because it shows how compatible you and your partner are. In fact, your jokes usually reveal your background knowledge, worldview, and personal values. ... More

how to make a homemade squisy

If you don't have access to an old matress, the foam normally used to make these is quite expensive. The solution that I bought to make the foam ended up making over 60 of these squishies. *****WARNING*****PLEASE wear gloves AND long sleeves while using this solution. I just got a comment that someone did not wear gloves and got a rash on their hands! The foam is perfectly safe … ... More

how to open philips sensotouch 3d

Philips Norelco 1280X/42 SensoTouch 3d Electric Shaver is an A+ shaver in the Norelco family. It is an evolved and developed system of an advanced research in the Norelco SensoTouch 3D ... More

how to make an android app for beginners pdf

How To Make / Create, Outsource And Sell Android Apps For Beginners With NO EXPERIENCE! Tips, Tricks And Secrets! [Kindle Edition] pdf or in any other available formats is not a problem with ... More

how to make vegetable pie filling

The filling… To make up for the meat I made sure to use plenty of vegetables, including mushrooms, which give a nice “meaty” umami flavor. ... More

how to make soft curls with curling iron

Style ringlets with a medium-barrel curling iron. Brush through the ringlets to make them loose and natural-looking. Cut the elastic to release the curls. #5: Combining Irons. Did you know you can purchase an iron that works as both a curler and a straightener? They cost a bit more but, they do make a world of difference on stubborn hair. You can curl your locks with a straightener simply by ... More

how to make a basic rue

Roux is a basic that every cook should know about, but for various reasons it's rather shrouded in myth. Roux is basically a mixture of flour and oil, which are brought together to become a thickening agent for liquids. It is used for anything from gravy, stews, soups and various sauces. The most commonly used oil is butter, clarified or not. ... More

how to make a hurricane in a bottle

How to make a tornado in jar prep time 5 mins this anti gravity galaxy in a bottle is such fun to try with a tornado that forms over water is called waterspout the ... More

how to make purple color fondant

I wish I had a picture of the cake when it was cut, because it was this deep dark purple color alternating with stripes of cream cheese frosting. Alas. I DO have pictures of the outside to show you, though, full of violetty things, like flowers. ... More

how to make a daybed with trundle

Your children, your visitors, or even you may simply drop your tiring bodies into these daybeds. Most households today prefer getting daybeds for their homes since they can be used as a couch in the morning and as a bed at nighttime. ... More

how to make servo rotate into right hand side

A servo motor was taken apart to show the internal parts. You can see a regular dc motor connected to a gear box and a potentiometer that give the feed back for angle position. ... More

how to make milo ice cream

INSTRUCTIONS. First, make the cake. Preheat the oven to 180C/375F, and grease and line a 8 inch/18cm cake tin. Place all the dry ingredients in a large bowl, and add the hot water, ? a cup at a time, mixing well after each addition. ... More

how to put a ppt in loop

When your slideshow reaches the last slide, it will automatically loop back to the beginning. Keywords: loop, slideshow, powerpoint, looping slideshow, automatic slideshow, continuous, power point … ... More

how to pass any exam easily

Pass-keys Practice Tests are written to the highest standards of technical accuracy, using only certified subject matter experts and published authors for development. Easy to Pass If you prepare for IT exams with Pass-keys Practice Tests, it is easy to success at the first attempt, over 95% pass rate guranteed. ... More

how to put videos into one video

ffmpeg can make these mosaics, place a video on a static background image, overlay on top of another video (but that one looks like it's in C#) and overlay two videos on top of each other (commandline). ... More

how to make mexican shrimp cocktail

Mexican Spicy Garlic Shrimp with Avocado and Lime Small Kitchen Chronicles 14 garlic cloves, lime, ground cumin, ground coriander seed, smoked paprika and 7 more ... More

how to make a bedroom for your barbie dolldiy videos

Here's a clip from a "Morning Routine" video from Bethany Mota. Like Barbie, Mota is sharing personal details about her life, filmed on-location in her brightly colored bedroom. ... More

how to make radish cake

Toss the radish with 1 teaspoon of salt and 2 teaspoon of brown sugar. Steam for 20 minutes until tender. Steam for 20 minutes until tender. In the mean time, saute the Chinese sausage and bacon in a heavy bottom pot until edges are golden. ... More

how to make a wrapping paper bag

16/12/2017 · Choose a material to work with. You can make paper bags out of just about any type of paper you want, including: brown kraft paper, patterned scrapbooking paper, and wrapping paper. ... More

how to say welcome in irish

5 ways to say goodbye in Irish, based on slan. And how would E.T. say goodbye to Elliott and how would Gandalf say goodbye to the Fellowship in Moria in Irish? ... More

how to make delicious ribs in the oven

Not only are these oven baked BBQ pork ribs completely delicious, they really are a breeze to make. For a meal that is so tasty and ribs that just melt in your mouth, there is surprisingly little effort involved. ... More

how to make soy wax

3/11/2017 · How to Make Soy Pillar Candles. Soy candles are a popular, environmentally-friendly option for people who enjoy their warm glow. This article will help you to master the skill of making soy pillar candles. Melt the wax. Place the wax into... ... More

how to make interactive presentation for ipad

The presentation apps listed below are a combination of applications meant to help presenters create, edit, view, present and remotely control presentations using iDevices. [This article contains affiliate links. ... More

how to plan a fundraiser benefit

1.) Establish a planning group or Committee that will assist with planning and execution of the event. Create a contact list with everyones emails/phone numbers and distribute to the group. ... More

how to play 1 action after another action pubcoder

The Action catalogue is an online decision support tool that is intended to enable researchers, policy-makers and others wanting to conduct inclusive research, to find … ... More

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how to make my autistic boy stop hurting other children

We will only stop hurting you if we know you can kick our a** or kill us. Period. This is not a joke. The only thing that stopped my husband and I and my dad and I from killing each other is knowing that we could both kill each other with our bare hands (or whatever was near by). I know this is not an answer that people are looking for, but it does serve as an explanation (at least for my

how to make a weighted competitive strength assessment

In a weighted competitive strength assessment as is illustrated in Table 4.3, each strength measure is assigned an importance weight based on its perceived importance in determining the degree to which a company's competitive power in the marketplace is strong, average, or weak

how to make audio sound good while recording on computer

Audio recording background noise . Ask Question For a long time time I've been trying to get rid of the background noise that appears in every audio recording I make with my computer. Tried different microphones, different sound setting, drivers. Interesting fact - the volume of this sound is equal whether I use and internal notebook microphone or an external one. I tried really good mics

how to make glass magnets with pictures

A fun project for the kids or adults in the family is making decorative magnets. They can be used in your home or given as gifts. This is a guide about making decorative magnets. They can be used in your home or given as gifts.

how to make jump standards for horses

14/09/2006 Now that your jump standards are done, you need jump CUPS. The easiest way to make jump cups is with metal coathangers. You can get a pack of 6 from the dollar store for roughly $1.

how to produce sperm faster

So it will take 166666.6 seconds to produce 250 million sperm cells. That is about two days. That is about two days. But the testicles store more than 250 million sperm cells at any time and produce …

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Northern Ireland: Belfast NIR, Newtownabbey NIR, Craigavon(incl. Lurgan, Portadown) NIR, Derry(Londonderry) NIR, Craigavon(incl. Lurgan, Portadown) NIR, NIR United Kingdom BT2 4H6

Scotland: Edinburgh SCO, Livingston SCO, East Kilbride SCO, Paisley SCO, East Kilbride SCO, SCO United Kingdom EH10 2B6

Wales: Swansea WAL, Barry WAL, Barry WAL, Barry WAL, Cardiff WAL, WAL United Kingdom CF24 9D4